Dhaka To Chandpur Launch Contact No & Schedule

If you want to go Chandpur from dhaka by water ways or Launch, these information will help you to find the contact no. & schedule of all launch service. Here you can find dhaka to chandpur launch schedule , dhaka to chandpur launch contact no, dhaka to chandpur launch ticket price, dhaka to chandpur launch ticket booking information & Other related information.

The distance of Chandpur by river from Dhaka is about 36 nautical miles or 68 kilometers. From Dhaka to chandpur by launch, it can take from 2 hour 45 Min to 3.30 hours time . Depending on the tidal condition and the river flow, this time increases or decreases. You can go chandpur from dhaka every day, almost every hour on day & night launch service. Mid Night launch services usually take 4 hours to 5 hours to reach your destination Dhaka to Chanpur or Chandpur to Dhaka.

Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Time Schedule

SL NoLaunch Name Departure
Time From Dhaka
Time From Chandpur
1.MV Imam Hasan 7 6.45 AM7.00 PM
2.MV Sonar Tori7.20 AM3.40 PM
3.MV Meghna Rani
(Eid Ga Ferry Ghat)
8.00 AM2.00 PM
4.MV Bogdadiya 78.35 AM5.00 PM
5.MV Takowa
(Char Bhoirobi)
9.15 AM11.20 PM
6.MV Mitali 79.40 AM9.50 PM
7.MV Sornodip 810.15 AM
8.MV Imam Hasan 211.00 AM11.10 PM
9.MV Imam Hasan 511.45 AM6.00 PM
10.MV Moyur 2
(Eid Ga Ferry Ghat)
12.30 PM12.45 AM
11.MV Moyur 71.30 PM12.15 AM
12.MV Eagle 32.30 PM9.00 AM
13.MV Roff Roff3.30 PM9.30 AM
14.MV Eagle 74.30 PM10.10 AM
15.MV Deshantor5.20 PM7.20 AM
16.MV Green Water 10
(Eid Ga Ferry Ghat)
6.10 PM8.30 AM
17.MV Roff Roff 76.45 PM6.00 AM
18.MV Sonar Tori 47.45 PM2.40 AM
19.MV Ab E Jam Jam 1
(Char Bhoirobi)
11.00 PM11.30 AM
20.MV Bogdadiya 13
(Char Bhoirobi)
11.30 PM 10.40 AM
21.MV Ab E Jam Jam11.30 PM1.00 PM
22.MV Roff Roff 212.00 AM12 .00 PM
23. MV Prince of Rasel 312.30 AM11.05 AM

Also every day & evening different passenger Launch leave for various waterways in the southern region. Some of them stopped at Chandpur. So So you can go down to Chandpur by these launches.

Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Ticket Fare :

Deck Class: 100 Tk (Some times it will get down to 70 tk)
Non AC Chair: 150 TK
First Class AC Chair: 250 TK
Business Class AC Chair: 270 – 300 TK
Single Cabin (Non Ac): 500 Tk
Single Cabin (Ac): 600 Tk
Double Cabin (Non Ac) : 1000 Tk, Ac : 1200 Tk
There are also some family cabins, Semi-VIP and VIP cabins in different categories, with fares usually ranging from 1100 to 2500 Tk.

Each ticket applies to one person. If there are additional passengers, one deck ticket has to be collected for them.

Dhaka to Chandpur Launch name & Phone no:

SL NoLaunch NameChandpur Launch Ticket Booking No.
1.MV Imam Hasan 7
2.MV Sonar Tori
3.MV Meghna Rani
(Eid Ga Ferry Ghat)
4.MV Bogdadiya 701721 862 054
5.MV Takowa
(Char Bhoirobi)
6.MV Mitali 701775 001 272
7.MV Sornodip 8
8.MV Imam Hasan 201812 703 047
9.MV Imam Hasan 5
10.MV Moyur 2
(Eid Ga Ferry Ghat)
11.MV Moyur 701759 944 144
12.MV Eagle 301795 519 066
13.MV Roff Roff 01776 626 611 (Only Info, No Booking)
14.MV Eagle 7
15.MV Deshantor01832 597 977, 01745 431 514
16.MV Green Water 10
(Eid Ga Ferry Ghat)
01315 923 839
17.MV Roff Roff 701776 626 611 (Only Info, No Booking)
18.MV Sonar Tori 4
19.MV Ab E Jam Jam 1
(Char Bhoirobi)
01715 742 728
20.MV Bogdadiya 13
(Char Bhoirobi)
21.MV Ab E Jam Jam
22.MV Roff Roff 201776 626 611 (Only Info, No Booking)
23. MV Prince of Rasel 3

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