Kashmir : The paradise of the Earth

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Kashmir is the paradise of the earth. The people here are as beautiful as the heavens. My husband always said, “I will go to Kashmir with a Kashmiri girl.” How I feel about hearing it. I’m not that pretty. However, on the day he got his certificate from Kashmir, I do not know what the situation was.

I got my passport, visa very fast only to go to Kashmir. About three months ago. Wanted to go to see Tulip in April. But didn’t go. When I went, snow on the mountains and only flowers and flowers on the ground. Kashmir is only sleeping, dreaming, waking up after spending a ticket. Finally that day came in the midst of many hardships. My extremes of good and evil always stand side by side. But Kashmir just kept me good every moment. This is my first outing, first flight. Even going to Kashmir of dreams.

The experience of the Indian train has been very bad. Metro rail is great, though. Victoria Memorial. The Taj Mahal, of course, learned it later. I traveled to Kolkata all day long. It does not count how many hours the journey is taking. However, I was just flying on the bus ride from the Esplanade to the airport. A very handsome boy next to Husband. I talked very little to myself and only talked to everyone. Others thought I could not understand Bangla, Hindi, Urdu and English. Anyway, the boy is Army. English can do nothing. We also do not know Hindi well. It was difficult to know that he was going to the airport. Because we are still coming to Hindi in Kolkata, he does not understand anything else.

However, the better the language barrier, the better I got to the airport. The Army will also accompany us to Delhi and on the same plane but we did not know it before boarding. Extras have to be weighed at Rs 6,000 due to poor baggage. But the two of us have a luggage of light. This is the second time. Then my ‘he’ is speaking Hindi very well. The Army was surprised and said, “Apco hindi a gayi !!!” However, as many times as we saw the plane take off from the army bus, we were fighting. In fact, my age is less than five, he is less than five. There is no seriousness in anyone. That’s why we as a Travel mate are awesome!

Kolkata “Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport” is beautiful. I’m more busy watching pictures than taking pictures. Both of us are like that. Let’s take pictures less. The plane will probably take off at 9:30. I am very excitable. I hold her hand tight. She understands that she has me surrounded by two arms. Saying nothing will happen, nothing happened in his first journey. Who listens to whom! The plane took off and I returned to normal. In fact, I have such a joy. Nothing really happened to me. I didn’t feel the airiness even though I was so high.

The gentleman in my witch is sleeping. I told him, “The guy does a lot of traveling on the plane, right?” I thought how wonderful Kolkata city light, gentleman sitting next to the window, not even watching! But in the third journey, I slept for two and a half hours on the plane. He called and showed me how much, yet I sleep, eat and sleep again.

All three are good on the plane. Take Off, Eat and Take On. Jet-Airways planes are quite large. Domestic too. I was more than happy to do so. The meal came on time. Very delicious chicken biryani. After eating a few more times I realized that eating in the sky is always nice.

Very nice “Delhi International Airport”. With a capacity of 5 million, it is the number one in the world. We spent the most time here. About eleven hours. Because we don’t have a connective flight. Again in Srinagar, there is no short flight. I haven’t been outside. Wanted to see the airport. However, Delhi airport is very good for staying. There is also a bed rest before boarding.

Our flight is at eleven. This is the rule of the boarding gate closed 20 minutes before the flight. I did not have to write the ticket and ran the next day like today. Air India small aircraft. Everyone here is vegetarian. No chance of being non-veg. But the Vegetables can be so tasty I didn’t know before.

Leaving Delhi and thinking I am going to heaven. About an hour fifty minutes later, he came to Jammu and took the plane transit. It was a 5 minute journey. Kashmiri wind is blowing. Of course later I realized it was just a breeze of the mind. However, the small hill is visible from now on. This is a day flight so I am enjoying Google Earth view very well. With a cloud of clouds, floating on the clouds, a romantic man beside him. In all, then I am the other. I have come to see the country in the cloud covered mountains. This is the paradise of Emperor Aurangzeb. Before I got to Srinagar airport, I could see the only paradise.

The airplane is taking over, surrounded by mountains, on a hill in a city rich in beauty. I’m fascinated, fascinated, amazed! Why do you think this is my former men’s homeland? According to the genealogical history, the chance of being proven true by research is 85%. This airport is not too big. He disappeared from the belt with me carrying baggage. After a while someone taped a shoulder. Looking at a group of boys. But their expressions do not say that any of them have just hit me. What a weird !!! A girl standing a short distance away, smiled and pointed. But I don’t know him. He told me to back off and he found my strange expression very happy. The girl is not a Kashmiri who may have come around, but she was saved by seeing a smile. I gave the Travel mate a little nudge to make me uncomfortable.

The biggest problem in Kashmir is the broker or broker. However, they are not too bad. Because this is their main or only source of income. India has absorbed Kashmir. There are many arguments on this. Reviewing my known history and the general public there can mean a lot. But I will not go into this context. People in the family were a bit worried about going to Kashmir. What happens! Kashmir is a 100% safe place for tourists. The army, the police, the guard are all happy to hear the tourists.

The only way to reduce costs in Kashmir is to use public transport. Incredible low cost cruises. No SIM card will be operated in Kashmir all over India. Even if you have power, it won’t work. So the SIM card should be taken in Kashmir. We boarded the bus and headed for Dal Lake. Both of us have no objection. The whole tour turned into a backpacker. Elite rice is good for your own area, it did not show up on tour. Just have to be Concerned about eating. If you do not play well, the body will become weak.

Dal Lake

Meet a boathouse owner at the Lal Chalk. While I was sitting on the bus, a boathouse owner had just talked to him about getting up there. The problem of the broker started from the airport itself. We thought the owner was the one who sent the broker. We’ll go to Dal Lake. Each dam on the lake is numbered 1, 2, 3. As the number grows, the beauty grows and the royal boathouse becomes available. Although we were supposed to go to Ghat 7, the boathouse was brought by the owner at Nehru Park on Gate 16/17. The ghats are closely each others.

He took us to the Star of Kashmir in Shikara. This is the only reason for the whole of Kashmir to be embarrassed by some brokers and boat house owners. It is very difficult to get out of their hands. Somehow they will drop their specific package and the package price is abnormal. If there is anyone new, there is no word, Shore detained. So far, everyone who has read this blog is in this situation. The package includes all sights and food in Kashmir. They bring them in their car. That is, packet travel to Kashmir and leave. Can’t know how ordinary Kashmiri is, only brokers will be known. However, I was in the boat house overnight after falling behind the boat owner. It must have been more than fantasy if I was there one night. But that’s good. But in terms of convenience, the hotel is far below comparable. And I thought I’d sit out at night, but the beauty that is seen on the boat while crossing is unmatched. And in the morning it is awesome!

I left the bag for refreshment and to eat. After crossing Dal Lake, I came to Dal Gate and searched for food. I could not find that street foods on the blog. Then on the bus, the Lalchalk for 10 rupee. I do not know the local name of potato parotas and chola. Excellent test. And the food is definitely cheap. And as much as in India, tea is all about taste. Kashmiri Tea Tow is very tasty. Afterwards I ate in the vicinity of Dal lek but mostly vegetarian restaurants. Non-veg less. That day I did a lot of walking in the city. I saw cashmere shawl and other items on the sidewalk and side shops, but much cheaper same pavement shops on the sidewalk. Kashmiri shawl is famous. The craftsmanship on it is extraordinary and possessiveness. It was night to turn around. Sitting beside the lake, suddenly in the morning, and in the words of my husband, a handsome call came to us. He did not take food from outside so he took us to the floating market. There was a lot of talk about the market. This handsome midi received the Kayaking Gold Medal from Chandigarh. She told my travel mate, “Your wife is beautiful”. Upon hearing I was bleeding. I also sat for a while on the boat. Then I went back to the boathouse.

Returning to the boat, the boat owner met Bangladeshi couples at his other boat house. The main purpose was to get them included in the package, but it was great to meet the wealthy family living in the Marines. They were one more week ago. He traveled everywhere except Gulmarg. Both of them gave very nice reviews. Since they have two small children, they are very satisfied with the package, but the captive prisoner remains a thing. Because at 8 pm in Kashmir, the whole city is almost empty. Dal Lake is a little late. Yet here it is fast, by the name of the people. One reason may be cold but the other is political.

Sleeping in the Boathouse Exceptional. It seems to have gone back to the former era. Although they are royal and extraordinary craftsmanship. However, it is better to look from the outside. Especially in the evening. The light of the boathouse looks magnificent then.

In the morning, I got up and packed two bags. There was a lot of trouble getting rid of the boat owner. Very early in the morning, crossing Dal Lake, Kashmir’s sleep did not break. Everyone here gets up very late. Probably because of the early winter. But the view I saw from the boat was never Bhola. In front of us, we are floating in the high mountains and the water of the lake. Going so far has been worthwhile. I could take the auto and leave for the hotel.

For two reasons I dislike the boat house, the prisoners are less comfortable with it. That is, the wasted state of the washroom. Without hot water there, bathing is impossible. There is something more. Enough for that place but much more expensive than a hotel. However, at 1000 or 900 rupees, it is possible to get a good hotel room with Dal Lake. The room is extraordinary and no single room or bed is available here. All three are like having three. However, getting rid of the boat owner means winning the war.


Gulmarg intended to leave the bag without leaving any room. Our target was to use the bus or local transport. But here the bus is low but the shares are Jeep Available. Very affordable, more expensive than Uber and even lower. Auto wala took us to Terminal parimpora to look like Akshaya Khanna (Hero of Bollywood). We got this advice from him, basically. Let’s go to parimpora.


The share jeep leaves more than the bus from the terminal. The driver of the bus, the helper, is like a hero and a girl heroine. Too bad it looks just like an officer in our country when a guy drives an auto or a taxi. Just a nice face on the road. Very smart at communicating. Maximum drivers know English very well. If you have to go to Gulmarg you have to go to Tanmarg first because it is fairly flat so far. After that the high hills begin. Then Gulmarg’s car was found here.

In this new paranoid path, it seems that I have truly gone to heaven. A small town, a neat man, a smiling face even in the city of terror. Nowhere does the snack nor the extra ganam and what a cute little baby! The mind wants to steal. However, with the move to Jammu, this wish will vanish. Kashmiris are very kind-hearted, courteous, polite, guest-speaker, who will talk, nobody will do anything to anyone. They are very sincere in themselves. We want foreigners to give us more and more benefits there. It is a mistake to judge Kashmiris with the brokers around the tourist spot and if anyone offers a packaged tour with a package, then the semi-flavored Kashmir paradise will be left over. Of course to me, this is more than enough.

When all Kashmiris are happy to hear that I am from outside, Bangladesh is more happy to say why, and the first question to ask is how Kashmir feels and it must be said, “Excellent and It’s Really Haven.” We then proceeded to Gulmarg by the road to heaven. Since public transport is here, there are many types of people in Kashmir. However, their only feature is that smiling face, full of sincerity and eyes. I am not writing with emotion or saying no. If anyone goes this way, I think I have said less.

The houses here are so varied as to draw an artist’s mind. The house is so beautiful, rich and poor. The color of the house can be understood by the size of their taste. Gulmarg’s most interesting is the Gondola Ride. Although we climbed the mountain on a pony ride. While pony rides are cheaper than gondolas, there is no option for a gondola to see snow covered Gulmarg in winter and the horse does not go up to Phase-2 where the gondola goes. The border of Pakistan is above the phase-2. It started raining till phase-1. It rains most of the time here as well. So whatever the season, winter clothes have to be taken along.

This part has a food hotel. The food here is excellent especially Kashmiri biryani. The price is not too high. In front of the restaurant is the “Seven Water Falls”, where the seven-way line comes together. Ice is equally cold. There are clouds and the beauty of nature in the watch. Sheep flocks around. Many passenger horses stood on one side. Scenes of a lifetime to remember.

I had a lot of trouble returning. From the steep hills of Gulmarg, cars turn around. As I left after eating, my heart was pounding. For this reason, after taking some rest after eating, you should come down. To get my body healed, I came to Tanmarg and played ice cream. I have never eaten handmade ice cream with such wonderful flavors.

The local car that I was coming from Tanmarg dropped us in the middle, saying it would be convenient if we got on the bus. Their car will go the other way. Since we are using local transport, these issues have been in the forefront. After waiting for a while I got a bus and met a Bengali-speaking girl named Ulfat. After I got in the car, the girl said, “If I had to fall ?!” It was the little speech I had made earlier that was aimed at my partner. I saw a very sweet-looking girl. It is not meant to be a joy to hear Bangla among non-Bengali travelers. I asked, “Can you speak Bangla?” “They are Bangladeshi. After crossing thousands of miles, according to the idea of ​​the people of the world, I met two prince of Meherpuri who went to heaven,” he said. The Kashmiri language is very difficult or Hindi is not difficult to understand.

I don’t know the meaning of the word Ulfat. This name is very dear to me. One evening, riding a bike by this name turned me around. That evening was the best evening yet. A few months ago I thought I would name the daughter Ulfat. As funny as the story of not knowing Bangla in Ulfat was, it took me two minutes to utter what Bhatmouli taught her, though I am not sure if the word is correct.

I was able to meet Kashmiris very close due to the local transport. They are so hospitable that you are bound to be impressed. And from the ordinary people, the cops or guards who are scared to sing huge songs must ask one thing, how is Kashmir like? And you answer, Excellent, Excellent and Excellent. Whether it’s a taxi driver or a bus helper, their interests and enthusiasm are monitored. The man who says that men are prettier than the women of the world, once came to Kashmir. What women, men or women, will see beauty and give Wow React.


There is not much to see in Srinagar city except in small parks. They look almost the same. It looks good from the outside, no need to go in. But one thing that will not be missed at all is the Hazratbal Mosque. It is said that the Prophet’s hair is preserved here. It was too late for us to return from the mosque. However, I have visited many local shops. I bought cashmere shawl. Even before dusk, people in the city start to decline. That is why it should be consumed quickly.

I played biryani on “Coffee Cafe Day” at night. Perhaps the Kashmiris eat too much and have good health. That’s why the restaurant offers plenty of food. Since we both eat a little less, I couldn’t finish a single meal. The chicken biryani tasted wonderful. The two of us had a meal together and brought another meal for the boy at the hotel reception. The boy is very happy to receive food. We felt great too.


The most beautiful place in Kashmir is Pehelgam. About 87 km from Srinagar. From Lalchak bus stand, we boarded a share jeep for the purpose of Anantnag.

Here I have a story. The little boy in this beautiful kingdom smiles sweetly at me and stares as long as he can. Some of the older people fall off the bike. I can’t find the reason at all. I’m not beautiful Although already a Kashmiri has called me beautiful. I found the reason to go from Srinagar to Pahelgam. The passenger sitting in my back seat in the share jeep was saying something about hair. I got a little upset. My hair flies very short and does not have to fall on his face. After a while he again said, “Behen ji, take Zara bal-shal barhad lo dopatta-swopata.” You want to be in Kashmir. Uchiha (guard) Lagaiga ki tum Kashmiri ho And I was not happy when I received the crown of world beauty. My groom always said that I would go to Kashmir with a Kashmiri girl. I used to think of Kashmiri but couldn’t think why I was not wearing a Kashmiri dress.


Police or guards here are strictly for tourists, but tourists are prohibited from entering all local areas. Only allowed roads can be accessed. We didn’t have any problems though. The Kashmiri people are really nice. Especially the general public. Here, because of the local transport, there is an opportunity to exchange ideas with the local Kashmiris and even share food with them. I always love to share food.

On arriving at Pehelgam we found a very good hotel. The wooden hotel has excellent decor and window views are excellent. I became a fresher on the occasion of the famous Bisaran where the shooting was made by Salman Khan’s super hit movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. Known as Bisaran Mini Switzerland. And a really nice place. Horses are the only way to get to Baisaran. Climbing up and down steep hills is traditionally difficult. Whenever the horseman fell by the horse every day, my fear increased. For me, the fear of heights was an adventure.

There are more places to visit in the Phelgam including Aru Valley, Betab Valley. But Pehelgam Park is right in front of the city. The park has a collection of extraordinary wild flowers. The Pehelgam River and the Leader River flow through the park. This river is rafting in the water. In the summer, the river water is as cold as ice. However, in the winter it becomes absolutely freezing.

Pehelgam is always beautiful but the afternoon is more beautiful. In the afternoon, a heavenly atmosphere was created with the softness of the river and the silence of the surrounding river. In the parks on the banks of the river, locals come in and chat. Of course, the park closed in the evening. This time walking across the river is like entering a painter’s canvas. Afternoon tea was excellent. Although the food here did not suit me very much.

Since Pehelgam is the most beautiful, it should be allocated two or three days for this place. The hotel costs less then enough. Maybe the hotel on the hill will be more beautiful. But I think it is good to be in the heart of the city. From here you can see the beauty of the rivers and mountains of Lidar.

In the morning, it is quite cold in Pahelgam, but as the sun rises, the temperature rises. The morning is very sweet It is nice to walk in the sunshine environment. In the morning, the air can breathe deeply.

As this morning ended, our journey to Kashmir ended. After eating some Kashmiri breakfast, I left for Jammu for the purpose of sharing jeep. Pehelgam falls behind, followed by Srinagar. Finally, farewell to Kashmir. Come back with a wonderful feeling. This memory may carry the memory.

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