MV Bay Cruiser 1 Teknaf – St.Martin: 01611350434

The most Speedy Catamaran Ship MV Bay Cruiser 1 is running regularly on Teknaf to Saintmartin waterways. You can choose MV Bay Cruiser 1 to reach St. Martin from Teknaf quickly in a comfortable and air-conditioned environment.

MV Bay Cruiser 1 Teknaf – Saint Martin – Teknaf Cruise Schedule:

The MV Bay Cruiser 1 will depart from Teknaf’s Damdamiya Point Jetty for Coral Island St. Martin at 9.30 am every day. The ship will reach St. Martin before 12 noon. The MV Bay Cruiser 1 will depart from St. Martin’s Coral Island for Teknaf at 3.00 pm.

MV Bay Cruiser 1 Teknaf – Saint Martin – Teknaf Ship Ticket Fare:

The MV Bay cruise ship has 3 types of air-conditioned seats. Krishnachura, Rajnigandha and Hasnahena are the three categories seat class of MV Bay Cruiser 1. These seats are being rented:

Rajanigandha – 1300 / –
Krishnachura – 1400 / –
Hasnahena – 1600 / –

MV Bay Cruiser 1
Directed by: Farhan Express Tourism
Current Route: Teknaf – Saint Martin – Teknaf

MV Bay Cruiser 1 Ship Ticket Booking and Information Contact: 01611 350 434

Built in 1995 at the Miho Ship Building, Osaka, Japan, the MV Bay cruise ship was renamed “SEA WARP” until 2009, when it was renamed “BADA JEBI”. The ship has been arrived in Bangladesh since 2012 and became known as MV Bay Cruiser 1.

MV Bay Cruiser 1

In our opinion, MV Bay Cruiser 1 is the first passenger ship in the private sector to be registered with the International Maritime Organization. Whose IMO number is 8889103. Korean Register Class (KR) vessel has obtained C class or coastal class registration for sailing on the coast of Bangladesh. Reg: No. C-1787

The 31.2 m long and 6.3 m wide MV Bay Cruise has an approved passenger capacity of 254 people. The ship’s hull is made of aluminum, so it can move fast.

The MV Bay cruise ship has two American-made high-powered engines (General Motors). The maximum speed of the vessel is 28 nautical miles (Maximum Continues Rating Speed). However, the service speed is a little less 15 – 20. Whose propulsion system is screw propeller. This fully air-conditioned ship has two generators on standby to ensure power supply. In addition to adequate navigation equipment, the ship has adequate life-saving equipment and compliance with international codes.

St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh, located in the southernmost part of the mainland. St. Martin is a small island of 16 sq km, 120 km from the district town of Cox’s Bazar. In the local language, St. Martin is also called Coconut Ginger. The island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh. The combination of the blue water of the sea with the infinite blue sky, the rows and rows of coconut trees have made this island unique, which attracts the people who are thirsty for travel.

The most famous thing in St. Martin is the dab which is both sweet and delicious. At least one dab test should be done when going to St. Martin. For those who like to eat fish, St. Martin’s Coral, Sundari Poya, Hilsa, Rupchanda, Lobster, Kalachanda etc. are waiting with different types and flavors. All the hotels have the opportunity to buy barbecue by choosing fish as you like. Resorts also have their own barbecue arrangements. And if you have the opportunity, you can try kura (native chicken is called kura). There are also endless dried fish stocks like Laita, Churi, Rupchanda, Kachki etc. Also some of the hotels and restaurants you can visit are Kerry Marjan Restaurant, Beach Point, Hotel Allar Dan, Bazar Beach, Assam Hotel, Sea Beach. Comilla Restaurant, Real Restaurant, Haji Selim Park, St. Martin Tourist Park, Hotel Sadeq etc. However, you must check a little.

St. Martin has several well-appointed hotels and cottages for overnight stays. Many homes also have accommodation facilities for tourists.

Contact 01611 350 434 to travel anywhere in and out of the country including group tours, study tours, corporate tours and family trips to St. Martin. We will arrange everything for you at low cost including air ticket, train ticket, bus ticket, ship ticket, hotel, food, local transport. We will arrange the entire trip in a smooth manner.

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