MV Bay One Ship will run from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s Sea: 01611350434

A cruise cum passenger ship called MV Bay One is soon to be added from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s Sea. The MV Bay One or former MV Salvia Maru ship has already reached Bangladesh.

Yes. Most likely everyone was waiting for such a day. Ordinary people may not be able to find pictures of “cruise ships” in various resources on the Internet. Although cruise ships are thought by many to be just “a huge ship”, perhaps the idea is wrong.

According to Marine Insight, A cruise ship is a luxury vessel that is used to take passengers on a pleasure voyage in a journey that is as much a part of the experience as the various destinations on the way.

Although it is not clear from the definition, the word that catches everyone’s head first is “luxury”. That is, a very luxurious, very long boat, so that you can spend your vacation / vacation time until the last drop of luxury. There will be high quality staff treatment and above all, all aspects of the ship will be maintained to international standards. As long as you have your own resources throughout your vacation.

Angina of cruise ships is seen a lot in the outside world and there is no sign of it in our country. Even neighboring India owns a number of cruise ships. One of the major reasons for this was India’s vast improved waterways, people’s keen interest and habit in river travel / pleasure travel, and above all government support. Although cruise ships did not really become that popular in India.

But in our riverine Bangladesh, there have not been many people going on “vacation trips” so far. That being said, at least he wasn’t interested. Again there was no “high quality river” despite the interest. Most of the shipping channels of the country have gone through very narrow, long / crooked areas. As a result, it is almost impossible to operate a large vessel on these routes from a business point of view. Intercity routes like Chandpur, Barisal, etc. are also more likely to be passenger-friendly for the cost of these ships. As a result, no local owner dared to operate the Recon / Brand New Cruise Ship in the country.

mv bay one ship
mv bay one ship

But perhaps the end of that chapter is about to happen. The MV Bay One, or MV Bay One, which is already in the country’s waters, is going to be the first cruise cum passenger ship owned by a private company in the country. Karnafuli Ship Builders Ltd. The ship has been purchased and brought to operate in the interior of Bangladesh. The MV Bay One is already anchored at the Karnafuli Dry Dock Jetty. On September 6, the Japanese port of Yokohama departed for Bangladesh via Singapore and reached Singapore via the East China Sea. Ship MV Bay One left Singapore for Chittagong Port of Bangladesh on 15 September. The ship arrives in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 19 September 2020 at noon via the Indo-Malacca Strait, the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal off the coast of Malaysia.

Authorities initially expressed interest in launching the MV Bay One from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin, and that decision is being implemented. To this end, the ship “MV Bay One” is going to be inaugurated on Sunday, December 20, 2020. After that it will move regularly.

MV Bay One Ship Time schedule:

MV Bay One Every Day Starts from Coxsbazar at 9 AM & Starts from Saintmartin at 3.30 PM

MV Bay One Ship Fare List:

Deck A VVIP Cabin 25000/- (Two Persons)

Deck A Special Class Bunker Four Persons 25000/-

(Room No:- SP 01 to SP 12)

Deck A Royal Class (Two Persons) 30000/-

(Royal Class 01 & Royal Class 02)

Deck A Open Deck Luxury Seat 4000/-

Deck B Presidential Suite 30000/- (Two Persons)

(Room No 101 to 118)

Deck C Bunker Bed 4000/- (Promotional Offer)

Bed No 301 to 466

Deck D (Luxury Seat) 3000/-

Deck E & Deck F (Economic Class Seat) 2500/-

MV Bay One Bunker bed Package:

Bunker bed night stay 4000/-

(Buffet Breakfast lunch Dinner)

12 hours age tickets fare 5000/-

VVIP Package :

Deck A VVIP Cabin 25000/- 15000/- (Two Persons)

Cox’s Bazar to Saintmartin to Cox’s Bazar & with night Stay.

Family Package:

Deck A Special Class Bunker Four Persons 20000/- (Room No:- SP 01 to SP 12)

Royal Package Deck A Royal Class (Two Persons) 15000/-

(Royal Class 01 & Royal Class 02)

Presidential Package:

Deck B Presidential Suite 15000/-

(Two Persons)(Room No 101 to 118)

MV Bay One Contact number for booking tickets:

To know the ticket booking and other information of MV Bay One, call 01611 350 434 and 01707 849 221. Inbox to get more information at Ship Ticket BD

The MHI Shimonoseki Shipyard & Machinery Works, built in Kobe, Japan, is about 393 feet long and 120.54 meters long. Also, the draft of this ship, which is 15.20 meters wide, is around 8 and a half meters, which could very easily be a ship with a capacity of more than 2,000 passengers.

The cabin section of the MV Bay One or former MV Salvia Maru has a variety of seating options. According to the budget, a passenger can choose from deluxe cabin, special first class cabin (both Japanese and Western category), first class and second class room, the best seat according to his budget. The MV Bay One, a coastal passenger vessel of the Japanese government-owned own class “JG”, is a cruise cum passenger ship, so naturally the ship has all the best passenger-friendly arrangements. Arrangement of different classes of cabins including Presidential Suite Cabin, Twin Bed Cabin, Bunker Bed Cabin. Comfortable air-conditioned seats with a variety of leg rests. There are various facilities including restaurant, canteen, smoking zone, vending machine for automatic snacks, food and beverage purchase, shower room facility.

mv bay one
mv bay one

The MV Bay One ship has a star quality restaurant to cater to such a large number of passengers. There will be an opportunity to choose the food of your choice from a variety of dish menus. There will also be several canteens on different floors of the ship. And through the vending machine, a passenger can easily buy any informal food of his choice, which is definitely the first time in the country that we are all going to see.

While other ships usually have elevator connections to facilitate the movement of passengers with special needs, the MV Bay One has an elevator that will take passengers from one floor to another.

Massive is a surprise in the main propulsion section of the MV Bay One. To put it in more detail, the whole propulsion section tie is a huge topic of discussion. However, I will briefly highlight the magnetic parts of this section:

Most likely, the MV Bay One will be a passenger ship with a two-stroke dedicated marine propulsion engine operating in Bangladesh. Where we usually see the use of auxiliary four-stroke marine engines in our domestic ships, the MV Bay One has two low RRPM two-stroke JDM marine propulsion engines of the Mitsubishi 8UEC37LA model built by Mitsubishi. Each of these engines with 8 huge cylinders has a bore of 360 mm and a stroke of 60 mm! The main propulsion of the MV Bay One is capable of producing an output of about 4160 kW or 556 horsepower each of the two engines. Weighing about 96,000 kilograms, each engine’s fly wheel can rotate a maximum of 210 times per minute. That means the maximum RPM of the engine is 210.

Interestingly, the engines of this MV Bay One ship are much different than other engines. On top of that, the two-stroke-low RPM engine is able to reach speeds of up to 20 nautical miles per hour, depending on the structure of the ship. Which is much more than any service ship (except Catamaran) existing in the country.

There is also the structural beauty of the former MV Salvia Maru underwater. The maneuverability of this ship is also quite impressive with the combination of bow-thruster and controllable pitch thruster i.e. CP Thruster. But that’s the least, not the last !! There are more !! The two main propellers of the MV Bay One are rich in controllable pitch. This is also new for our country, at least in terms of passenger ships. Details we will discuss again later. The ship is equipped with a fin stabilizer to deal with rough seas.

Let’s take a brief look at the details of the MV Bay One, the Salvia Maru:

Name : M.V. Bay One
Previous name: SALVIA MARU (1998)
Builder : MHI Shimonoseki Shipyard & Machinery Works
Year of build : 1992.
Type of ship : Passenger/General Ship (during 1992)
Class: JG Great Coastal.
IMO number : 9054080
Call Sign : JG5174
MMSI : 431100403
Gross tonnage : 4992 (during 2010)
DWT : 1236
Flag : Tuvalu

LOA:120.54 m
Breadth: 15.20 m
Draught: 6.30 m

Main engine: Mitsubishi Kobe Hatsudoki KK 8UEC37LA
Cyl config: L
No. of cylinder: 8
Bore: 370 mm
Stroke: 880 mm
Cycle: 2
Length: 7055 mm
Weight: 97,000 kg
Max. Power output: 4160 kW
Rated rpm: 210

Propellers 1 Controllable Pitch (Port Side) + 1 Controllable Pitch (Starboard)
Auxiliaries Engines : Bow thruster + No Stern thruster (1 Bow Thwart. CP thruster)
Highest Speed: 20.25 knots /Hour

We have already commented on the destination of the MV Bay One at the beginning of the post. Naturally, the ship is a ship with all the necessities and facilities to operate on the Cox’s Bazar-Saint Martin route. Because first of all, most of the people who go to St. Martin by sea from Cox’s Bazar come for vacation. The arrival of this ship is to give them the gift of a relaxed, secluded and luxurious voyage.

However, the MV Bay One has undergone some renovations before coming into service. We believe that the ship will be in service on December 20, 2020, after undergoing some renovations and rearrangements.

Karnafuli Ship Builders Ltd. Good luck for that. Earlier, MV Karnafuly Express launched Cox’s Bazar-Saint Martin-Cox’s Bazar water route by sea in January this year. Which is running every day .

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